Adoption and Policy Advocacy

One of the key programs of the Galing Pook Foundation, Local Adoption and Policy Advocacy, facilitates the adaptive replication of outstanding local government programs among LGUs throughout the country as well as the advocacy of strategic policies conducive to local development.

The program focuses on the following:

  • Promotion of outstanding local governance programs using the mainstream media to inspire and encourage the local and national governments and the citizenry to provide the push and demand for good governance;
  • Facilitating the adaptive replication of crucial local governance programs using relevant information and communication technology; and
  • Setting up and sustaining learning labs or venues intended to generate strategies and processes for program replications as well as further innovations and solutions to governance challenges.

Local Adoption and Policy Advocacy are undertaken through:

  • Documentation of best LGU practices in casebooks featuring the Galing Pook Awards winners;
  • Audio-visual documentary production and broadcasting over the mainstream media;
  • Implementation Service Packages (ISPs) through conventional and technology-enabled platforms; and
  • Innovations Lab for Good Governance 


GPF consciously harnesses the power of media to promote best practices in local governance by producing and airing interstitials of best practices over the mainstream television channels. Since 2012, GPF produced and aired over ANC of the ABS-CBN the Galing Pook TV, a weekly television program of 30-minute documentaries featuring LGUs with best practices on important development themes.

Implementation Service Packages

ISPs facilitate the adaptive replication and propagation of best practices. A specific program ISP includes an organized set of instructional materials in user-friendly formats utilizing the most accessible platforms or modes of diffusion such as the establishment of the electronic information (e-Info) management system consisting of the database, report generation and LGU administered website. An ISP is a turnkey tool designed to assist an LGU in planning, implementing and advocating the program to its constituents and other LGUs.

Innovations Lab for Good Governance

Innovations Lab is the incubation of ideas for good governance intended for rapid prototyping using online platform with definitive milestones. Modelled after MIT’s NextLab, it is designed to create a programmatic “safe space” for LGU officials and key program managers to prototype governance innovations. Galing Pook awarded programs are deployed as triggers for idea generation and co-creation among participating LGUs. The process may involve cross learnings, forums, conferences and writeshops leveraging GPF’s institutional assets for resource complementation with its existing and potential partners from government, academic, business and kindred entities from the social development sector and financial institutions.