Jesse Robredo Leadership Award​


Secretary Jesse Robredo, the embodiment of the ideal values of a man and a public servant, may have left a country in dire need of his kind of leadership, but his spirit lives on in every individual he encountered and institutions he built or recreated.

The best tribute that can be given Secretary Robredo is to continue his legacy of dedicated, committed, humble and selfless public service, and to clamor and genuinely work for good governance. His brand of leadership has to be spread further along with the good news of Secretary Robredo that good governance is indeed possible, and that every Filipino should demand for it for national transformation to take place.

To make these happen, the Galing Pook Foundation is conducting the annual Jesse Robredo Leadership Award, and is promoting the lessons and inspirations of his kind of governance that is hoped to become the norm rather than an exception especially in public institutions.


The Jesse Robredo Leadership Award will seek to:

1. Recognize local chief executives who have shown effective, transparent, accountable, participatory, innovative and ethical leadership;
2. Showcase a culture of excellence in local governance through the institutionalization of policies, systems and practices; and
3. Motivate LGU leaderships and communities to sustain and enhance meritorious programs.

Eligibility and Qualifications

To be eligible for the Jesse Robredo Leadership Award, a local chief executive should:
1. Be an incumbent municipal/city mayor or governor;
2. At least into his/her second term;
3. His/her LGU has a Seal of Good Housekeeping and is a Galing Pook Awardee.


1. Effective (service delivery, economic development, efficiency, investing in people, poverty reduction, mobilizing people)
2. Transparent and accountable (Seal of Good Housekeeping
3. Innovative (Galing Pook Awards and other reputable recognitions)
4. Participatory and empowering (partnerships, inclusiveness)
5. Ethical (no verifiable questionable transactions and activities)