City LGUs share COVID-19 Response Programs

The 12 city governments that participated in the Adapt+Innovate Leadership Course for Peace and Development shared last Wednesday, August 26, their programs and activities that addresses the issues and challenges brought about by COVID-19. These programs and activities range from preventing or controlling the spread of Coronavirus, tracing possible infected persons, ensuring people’s access to food, and creation of income generating activities to keep the local economy afloat.

To learn more about these programs, watch the video below.

The A+I Leadership Course on Peace and Development is organized by Galing Pook Foundation in partnership with the Local Government Academy (LGA) and in cooperation with the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP). It ims to develop among the participants: (i) a keen understanding on the current adaptive challenges city governments are facing, and, (ii) adaptive and innovative capacities under the “new normal” and towards peace and development.

To learn more about the A+I Leadership Course on Peace and Development, click here.